6-speed automatic transmission & 7-speed DCT

The 6-speed automatic is silky smooth and precise while the 7-speed Dual-Clutch automatic allows even quicker gear changes.

6-speed manual transmission

The durable 6-speed manual offers dynamic shift feel, enhanced fuel efficiency and easier shifting into reverse.

Drive Mode Select (DMS)

With both automatic and Dual-Clutch Transmissions, DMS lets you choose Comfort, Eco or Sport mode to suit your preferences and driving conditions, or a new Smart mode, which switches between these three modes based on how you drive.


Phenomenal rigidity with smarter materials

6 airbags

To help protect occupants and potentially reduce injuries in the event of a collision, the Cerato includes driver and front passenger airbags, two front-side airbags and available side-curtain airbags running the length of the interior on each side.

Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC)

When you’re stopped on an incline, HAC can help prevent you from dangerously rolling backwards. When you take your foot off the brake, HAC will maintain braking for two more seconds before you press the accelerator, which disengages the HAC.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

By continuously sensing wheel speeds, ABS detects when a wheel is going to lock, then modulates brake pressure to the wheel to help maintain control.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Optimal braking performance and directional control are ensured by automatically delivering the right amount of braking force to each wheel based on evaluation of engine torque and driving circumstances.


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