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Kia has teamed up with K-Pop supergroup BLACKPINK, one of the most dynamic, stylish and popular music acts in the world today. The partnership with BLACKPINK gives Kia a unique platform to engage with a young trendy audience and also allow Kia to communicate its brand essence – “A different beat” – with a modern and global perspective.



Kia collaborates with K-Pop super rookie ITZY debuted on Feb 2019, with the release of their single album, It’z Different. ITZY’s debut title “Dalla Dalla” features the all-new Kia Soul in its music video and performance video, which goes perfectly with the group and fresh style. This collaboration is particularly special in that it was orchestrated even before the group’s debut. Kia will support ITZY’s growth as K-Pop artists all the while increasing awareness of Kia’s own youthful, energetic brand value.

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