Automatic transmission

A smooth-shifting 6-speed automatic transmission effortlessly transfers the engine’s torque to the wheels.

Manual transmission

An efficient 6-speed manual transmission offers quick, smooth shifts and gear ratios matched to the engine’s torque curve.


A single-minded obsession with everything that could go wrong

We believe that a car has one paramount duty: to protect the people inside it and around it. The all-new Rio features intelligent active safety technologies and substantial passive safety enhancements for your peace of mind.

Parking Distance Warning-Reverse (PDW-R)

When you back into a parking spot, how much room do you have left? As you reverse, audible beeps alert you to the distance to obstacles behind you.

6 airbags

Protection includes front air bags for the driver and front-seat passenger, two air bags at the sides, and two curtain airbags running the length of the cabin.

Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)

It can be nerve-racking to pull away from a standing start when you’re on a steep upward incline. HAC stops you from rolling backwards.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

In the event of sudden braking or turning, ESC activates to regulate engine torque and distribute braking force independently, slowing you down safely with maximum control.


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