Kappa 1.0 MPI Engine

The smooth-running 67-ps, 1.0-liter MPI engine combines efficiency, power and fun performance.

Automatic transmission

The 4-speed automatic transmission offers quiet operation and shift points that are set to maximize smoothness even in stop-and-go city traffic.

Manual transmission

The 5-speed manual transmission features friction-reduction measures for lasting performance, and lets you select gears quickly with confidence.


Advanced High-Strength Steel(AHSS) and Hot-Stamped Steel

The Picanto uses more than 44% Advanced High Strength Steel(AHSS), resulting in phenomenal rigidity. And hot-stamping of components is employed in core stress areas. These measures greatly improve average body tensile strength, enhancing cabin protection and improving dynamic performance. 

Braking system

The brakes are tuned to work with the ABS and tires to reduce stopping distance, while maximizing stopping power and directional control while braking.

PDW-R (Parking Distance Warning – Reverse)

You’re lucky to find a parking spot in the city, and PDW-R can help you back in with confidence. Using sensors, it beeps faster, then continuously, as you get closer to an obstruction.

Rear view camera with dynamic guidelines

Using a waterproof rear camera and the 7-inch dash display, the rear view camera projects dynamic guidelines onto the image to recommend a path as the driver reverses.

Front / side / side curtain airbags

To help protect occupants and potentially reduce injuries in the event of a collision, the Picanto offers driver and front passenger airbags, two front-side airbags and two side-curtain airbags.


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